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Maoist Terrorist And ISI : A Collaboration of Naxalite And ISI Against India
Maoist Terrorist A...
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War History of Indian Army
War History of Ind...
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Indian Mujaheedin And Simi : A Fact And Profile of Home Grown Jehadi Terrorist
Indian Mujaheedin ...
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Postcolonial Encounters in International Relations : The Politics of Transgression in The Maghreb
Postcolonial Encou...
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Intelligence Tradecraft : An Art of Trapping The Enemy
Intelligence Trade...
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Defeating Naxalite : Ways And Means to Defeat Naxalism
Defeating Naxalite...
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Focus on Bioterrorism
Focus on Bioterror...
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India in The World
India in The World
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World Governance : Do We Need It, Is It Possible, What Could It (All) Mean?
World Governance :...
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Nuclear Proliferation And The Dilemma of Peace in The Twenty-First Century
Nuclear Proliferat...
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Lenin Rediscovered : What is To Be Done? In Context
Lenin Rediscovered...
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Crimes Against Women : The Wall Street Journal
Crimes Against Wom...
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America in The Asian Century
America in The Asi...
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The Emergency State : Americas Pursuit of Absolute Security At All Costs
The Emergency Stat...
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Dispatches From The Arab Spring : Understanding The New Middle East
Dispatches From Th...
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Public Institutions in India : Performance And Design
Public Institution...
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Beyond A Billion Ballots : Democratic Reforms For A Resurgent India
Beyond A Billion B...
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Stuff Happens : An Anecdotal Insight Into Indian Diplomacy
Stuff Happens : An...
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The 18th National Congress of The Communist Party of China : A Major Turning Point For China
The 18th National ...
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An Indian Social Democracy : Integrating Markets, Democracy And Social Justice (2 vol set)
An Indian Social D...
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