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Paper Back
Hard Back
Constitution Making Under Occupation
Constitution Makin...
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Musharraf: The Years In Power
Musharraf: The Yea...
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India & China:Strategic Energy Management And Security
India & China:Stra...
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The Audacity To Win
The Audacity To Win
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If We Can Put A Man On The Moon..
If We Can Put A Ma...
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Violence And Post-War Reconstruction
Violence And Post-...
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Critical Readings In Human Rights And Peace
Critical Readings ...
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Immigration And Migration
Immigration And Mi...
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Terrorism And Global Security
Terrorism And Glob...
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How The Left Swiftboated America
How The Left Swift...
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Power And Influence In India: Bosses, Lords And Captains
Power And Influenc...
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Jihad, Peace And Inter-Community Relations In Islam
Jihad, Peace And I...
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India`s War On Terror
India`s War On Ter...
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A Powerkeg In Paradise: Lost Oppoprtunity For Peace In Srilanka
A Powerkeg In Para...
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Naxalism: Causes And Cure
Naxalism: Causes A...
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The Tryst Betrayed: Reflections On Diplomacy And Development
The Tryst Betrayed...
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The Cuban Drumbeat
The Cuban Drumbeat
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Game Change: Obama And The Clintons, Mccain And Palin, And The Race Of A Lifetime
Game Change: Obama...
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The Dynamics Of Diplomacy
The Dynamics Of Di...
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India & China: The Battle Between Soft And Hard Power
India & China: The...
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