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Aristophanes: Scenes From The Birds (Aristophanes)
Aristophanes: Scen...
Rs. 1144
Rs. 1019
The End Of The World: The Apocalyptic Imagination In Film And Television
The End Of The Wor...
Rs. 1023
Rs. 911
Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets
Screen & Stage Mar...
Rs. 2110
Rs. 1878
Mime Time
Mime Time
Rs. 1084
Rs. 965
The Art Of Acting: From Basic Exercises To Multidimensional Performances
The Art Of Acting:...
Rs. 1023
Rs. 911
The Stage Management Handbook
The Stage Manageme...
Rs. 1509
Rs. 1344
King Renes Daughter: A Danish Lyrical Drama (1850)
King Renes Daughte...
Rs. 1144
Rs. 1019
Arthur Sonten: A Comedy In Three Acts (1913)
Arthur Sonten: A C...
Rs. 1204
Rs. 1072
Poet, Public, And Performance In Ancient Greece
Poet, Public, And ...
Rs. 1630
Rs. 1451
Advice For Dancers: Emotional Counsel And Practical Strategies
Advice For Dancers...
Rs. 1204
Rs. 1072
Trouping Through Texas: Harley Sadler And His Tent Show
Trouping Through T...
Rs. 1144
Rs. 1019
Accents: A Manual For Actors- Revised And Expanded Edition
Accents: A Manual ...
Rs. 1811
Rs. 1612
Euripides: Hecuba (Euripides)
Euripides: Hecuba ...
Rs. 1325
Rs. 1180
Theatre Management
Theatre Management
Rs. 2597
Rs. 2312
Stage Managers Handbook
Stage Managers Han...
Rs. 1023
Rs. 911
Poetique: Avec Des Extraits De La Politique Et Des Problemes (1878)
Poetique: Avec Des...
Rs. 1325
Rs. 1180
As You Like It
As You Like It
Rs. 1253
Rs. 1116
A Third Face: My Tale Of Writing, Fighting And Filmmaking (Applause Books)
A Third Face: My T...
Rs. 1207
Rs. 1075
Bob Hope: The Road Well-Traveled
Bob Hope: The Road...
Rs. 1026
Rs. 914
On Edge: Performance At The End Of The Twentieth Century
On Edge: Performan...
Rs. 1748
Rs. 1556
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