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Paper Back
Hard Back
Lesser Lives: Stories of Domestic Servants in India
Lesser Lives: Stor...

Rs. 399
Kashmir: A Tragedy of Errors
Kashmir: A Tragedy...

Rs. 295
Not By Reason Alone
Not By Reason Alone

Rs. 499
Splendour In The Grass: Innovations In Administration
Splendour In The G...

Rs. 499
Rage, Reconciliation and Security
Rage, Reconciliati...

Rs. 495
Frontier in Flames: North East India in Turmoil
Frontier in Flames...

Rs. 550
An Outsider in Politics
An Outsider in Pol...

Rs. 499
The Tryst Betrayed: Reflections on Diplomacy and Development
The Tryst Betrayed...

Rs. 399
Burning Bright: Irom Sharmila and the Struggle for Peace in Manipur
Burning Bright: Ir...

Rs. 299
Sonia: A Biography
Sonia: A Biography

Rs. 350
Way Beyond The Three Rs: India's Educational Challenge in the 21st Century
Way Beyond The Thr...

Rs. 250
Making India Work
Making India Work

Rs. 399
From Rebel to Ruler: One Hundred Years of the Chinese Communist Party
From Rebel to Rule...

Rs. 3050
Politics and Geopolitics: Decoding India's Neighbourhood Challenge
Politics and Geopo...

Rs. 595
Words of Freedom: Ideas of a Nation: B.R.Ambedkar
Words of Freedom: ...

Rs. 150
Paradise in Our Backyard: A Blueprint for Nepal
Paradise in Our Ba...

Rs. 275
The Cruelty Is the Point: The Past, Present, and Future of Trump's America
The Cruelty Is the...

Rs. 999
India's Pakistan Policy
India's Pakistan P...

Rs. 695
George Washington: The Political Rise of America's Founding Father
George Washington:...

Rs. 999
The Number Bias: How numbers dominate our world and why that's a problem we need to fix
The Number Bias: H...

Rs. 399
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