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The Vietnam War: An Intimate History
The Vietnam War: A...
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Rs. 623
BOSE An Indian Samurai : Netaji and the INA A Military Assessment
BOSE An Indian Sam...
Rs. 680
Rs. 606
Asian Defence Review 2019
Asian Defence Revi...
Rs. 1080
Rs. 962
Transfer of Defence Technology : Understanding the Nuances and Making it Work for India
Transfer of Defenc...
Rs. 980
Rs. 873
Doklam Standoff Implications for India, China and Bhutan
Doklam Standoff Im...
Rs. 1495
Rs. 1331
The Fear Bubble: Harness Fear and Live Without Limits
The Fear Bubble: H...
Rs. 699
Rs. 623
Chastise: The Dambusters Story 1943
Chastise: The Damb...
Rs. 799
Rs. 712
Surprise, Strategy and `Vijay`: 20 Years of Kargil and Beyond
Surprise, Strategy...
Rs. 595
Rs. 530
Jammu and Kashmir: A Battle Perceptions
Jammu and Kashmir:...
Rs. 1295
Rs. 1153
European Navies and the Conduct of War
European Navies an...
Rs. 2611
Rs. 2324
Securing India's Strategic Space with Valour Unlimited
Securing India's S...
Rs. 680
Rs. 606
The Battle for Pakistan: The Bitter US Friendship and a Tough Neighbourhood
The Battle for Pak...
Rs. 799
Rs. 712
The Forgotten Few; The Indian Air Force's Contribution in the Second World War
The Forgotten Few;...
Rs. 699
Rs. 623
This Kind of War: The Classic Korean War History
This Kind of War: ...
Rs. 995
Rs. 886
Secret Wars: Covert Conflict in International Politics
Secret Wars: Cover...
Rs. 799
Rs. 712
The Indian Art of War
The Indian Art of ...
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Rs. 312
Nein: Standing up to Hitler 1935–1944
Nein: Standing up ...
Rs. 499
Rs. 445
Samurai: A Concise History
Samurai: A Concise...
Rs. 1100
Rs. 979
Kargil: Past Perfect, Future Uncertain?
Kargil: Past Perfe...
Rs. 880
Rs. 784
People Betrayed: The Role of the West in Rwanda's Genocide
People Betrayed: T...
Rs. 1357
Rs. 1208
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