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Defending Frenemies: Alliances, Politics, and Nuclear Nonproliferation in US Foreign Policy
Defending Frenemie...
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Rs. 1469
Does India Negotiate?
Does India Negotia...
Rs. 1295
Rs. 1153
Nepal Nexus, The: An Inside Account of the Maoists, the Durbar and New Delhi
Nepal Nexus, The: ...
Rs. 699
Rs. 623
Transitional Justice
Transitional Justice
Rs. 1549
Rs. 1379
After the Caliphate: The Islamic State and the Future Terrorist Diaspora
After the Caliphat...
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Rs. 1198
The End is Nigh: British Politics, Power, and the Road to the Second World War
The End is Nigh: B...
Rs. 2612
Rs. 2325
Democracy and Authoritarianism in Pakistan : The Role of The Military and Political Parties
Democracy and Auth...
Rs. 1460
Rs. 1300
World Peace: (And How We Can Achieve It)
World Peace: (And ...
Rs. 2090
Rs. 1861
US Strategy and India Interest, Policy and Media : A Study with Special Reference to India's Territorial Conflicts
US Strategy and In...
Rs. 920
Rs. 819
McMahon Line: Then and Now
McMahon Line: Then...
Rs. 1450
Rs. 1291
Doklam Standoff Implications for India, China and Bhutan
Doklam Standoff Im...
Rs. 1495
Rs. 1331
Bangladesh's Graduation from the Least Developed Countries Group: Pitfalls and Promises
Bangladesh's Gradu...
Rs. 12017
Rs. 10696
The Road to Federalism in Nepal, Myanmar and Sri Lanka: Finding the Middle Ground
The Road to Federa...
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Rs. 11161
The Tyranny of Metrics
The Tyranny of Met...
Rs. 499
Rs. 445
Pakistan Insight 2019
Pakistan Insight 2...
Rs. 995
Rs. 886
The Most Dangerous Place: A History Of The United States In South Asia
The Most Dangerous...
Rs. 499
Rs. 445
China's Dream: The Culture of Chinese Communism and the Secret Sources of its Power
China's Dream: The...
Rs. 1684
Rs. 1499
Reforming Global Economic Governance (Economics in the Real World)
Reforming Global E...
Rs. 3133
Rs. 2789
Securing India's Strategic Space with Valour Unlimited
Securing India's S...
Rs. 680
Rs. 606
Major Powers and the Korean Peninsula : Politics, Policies and Perspectives
Major Powers and t...
Rs. 1280
Rs. 1140
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