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The New Turkey and Its Discontents
The New Turkey and...

Rs. 1546
India 2030: Rise of a Rajasic Nation  (Signed Copy)
India 2030: Rise o...

Rs. 699
The Cybercultures Reader (Second Edition)
The Cybercultures ...

Rs. 2995
Youth & India’s Sustainable Development Goals
Youth & India’s Su...

Rs. 750
Rural Unrest in Nepal: A History of Resisstance, Revolt and Rebellion
Rural Unrest in Ne...

Rs. 495
Crisis of Conscience: Whistleblowing in an Age of Fraud
Crisis of Conscien...

Rs. 599
Despite the State: Why India Lets Its People Down and How They Cope
Despite the State:...

Rs. 499
Ceasefire City: Militarism, Capitalism and Urbanism in Dimapur
Ceasefire City: Mi...

Rs. 1295
The Making of Land and the Making of India
The Making of Land...

Rs. 1495
The City Cultures Reader (Second Edition)
The City Cultures ...

Rs. 3495
Inquilab: A Decade of Protest (Signed Copy)
Inquilab: A Decade...

Rs. 399
The Ocean of Churn: How the Indian Ocean Shaped Human History
The Ocean of Churn...

Rs. 350
Our Religions : The Seven World Religions Introduced by Preeminent Scholars from Each Tradition
Our Religions : Th...

Rs. 699
Undercover: My Journey into the Darkness of Hindutva
Undercover: My Jou...

Rs. 499
One Belt One Road – Chinese Power Meets the World: 439 (Harvard East Asian Monographs)
One Belt One Road ...

Rs. 2142
Between the Covers: Jilly Cooper on sex, socialising and survival
Between the Covers...

Rs. 699
Locking Down the Poor:The Pandemic and India’s Moral Centre
Locking Down the P...

Rs. 399
India: Liberal Democracy And The Extreme Right
India: Liberal Dem...

Rs. 125
Indian Economy's Greatest Crisis: Impact of Coronavirus and the Road Ahead
Indian Economy's G...

Rs. 499
The New Chardonnay: The Unlikely Story of How Marijuana Went Mainstream
The New Chardonnay...

Rs. 699
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