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The Tale of the Horse: A History of India on Horseback (Signed Copy)
The Tale of the Ho...

Rs. 699
Diminishing India: Decades of Brazen Political Apathy
Diminishing India:...

Rs. 595
Rural Unrest in Nepal: A History of Resisstance, Revolt and Rebellion
Rural Unrest in Ne...

Rs. 495
The Battle For Ancient India : An Essay In The Sociopolitics Of Indian Archaeology
The Battle For Anc...

Rs. 495
Indians: A Brief History of a Civilization
Indians: A Brief H...

Rs. 599
The Language of History: Sanskrit Narratives of Muslim Pasts
The Language of Hi...

Rs. 699
Confucius from the Heart
Confucius from the...

Rs. 450
A Short History of Russia
A Short History of...

Rs. 599
Heroines: Powerful Indian Women of Myth and History (Signed Copy)
Heroines: Powerful...

Rs. 599
Past Mistakes: How We Misinterpret History and Why it Matters
Past Mistakes: How...

Rs. 650
A Social Theory of Corruption : Notes from the Indian Subcontinent
A Social Theory of...

Rs. 699
We Should Have Seen It Coming: From Reagan to Trump--A Front-Row Seat to a Political Revolution
We Should Have See...

Rs. 699
The Age Of Pandemics (1817-1920): How they shaped India and the World
The Age Of Pandemi...

Rs. 599
The Loss of Hindustan : The Invention of India
The Loss of Hindus...

Rs. 599
The Coolie's Great War: Indian Labour in a Global Conflict, 1914-1921
The Coolie's Great...

Rs. 699
Coconut: How the Shy Fruit Shaped our World
Coconut: How the S...

Rs. 450
The Commonwealth of Cricket: A Lifelong Love Affair with the Most Subtle and Sophisticated Game Known to Humankind
The Commonwealth o...

Rs. 699
Witness To Blunder: Kargil Story Unfolds
Witness To Blunder...

Rs. 595
The Little Book of United States Presidents: In Their Own Words
The Little Book of...

Rs. 499
Invaders and Infidels (Book 1): From Sindh to Delhi: The 500-Year Journey of Islamic Invasions
Invaders and Infid...

Rs. 699
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