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Israel, Palestine and the Politics of Race: Exploring Identity and Power in a Global Context
Israel, Palestine ...
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Persian Christians at the Chinese Court: The Xi'an Stele and the Early Medieval Church of the East
Persian Christians...
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Midnight’s Machines : A Political History of Technology in India
Midnight’s Machine...
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Joseph Chamberlain: A Most Radical Imperialist
Joseph Chamberlain...
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Kosovo, A Documentary History: From the Balkan Wars to World War II
Kosovo, A Document...
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Turkish Intelligence and the Cold War
Turkish Intelligen...
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Violent Radical Movements in the Arab World: The Ideology and Politics of Non-State Actors
Violent Radical Mo...
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A History of the Hungarian Constitution: Law and Government in Central Europe
A History of the H...
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America in Afghanistan: Foreign Policy and Decision Making From Bush to Obama to Trump
America in Afghani...
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The Kaiser's Mission to Kabul: A Secret Expedition to Afghanistan in World War I
The Kaiser's Missi...
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Post-Conflict Security in South Sudan
Post-Conflict Secu...
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The Albanian Bektashi: The History and Culture of a Dervish Order in the Balkans
The Albanian Bekta...
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Women of Westminster: The MPs who Changed Politics
Women of Westminst...
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Titans: Fox vs. Pitt
Titans: Fox vs. Pitt
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The Circassians of Turkey: War, Violence and Nationalism from the Ottomans to Ataturk
The Circassians of...
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Club Government
Club Government
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End of the Ottomans
End of the Ottomans
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Sources For The History of British India : In the Seventeenth Century
Sources For The Hi...
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A Short History of London: The Creation of a World Capital
A Short History of...
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Histories of the Unexpected: World War II
Histories of the U...
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