Black Bread White Beer

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Niven Govinden brilliantly evokes the bleak comedy and deranged exhilaration of modern life. This is the sound of the suburbs'- Jake Arnott Amal is driving Claud from London to her parents' country house. In the wake of Claud's Paper Backcarriage it is a journey that will push their already strained relationship towards a possible collapse. Over the course of twenty-four hours Black Bread White Beer captures the inner lives of this thirtysomething upwardly mobile couple as it deals with festering unaddressed issues-mixed-race marriages parental pressures the tension between humanism and organized religion-and the loss of their unborn child. With Amal and Claud on the verge of true commitment and true adulthood Black Bread White Beer casts a critical eye on a society in which despite never-ending advances in social media communications the young still find it difficult to communicate. Keenly capturing the abandon selfishness hazards and pleasures that come with giving your life to another Niven Govinden has written a devastatingly honest and passionate portrait of a marriage.
Govinden Niven
Fourth Estate
Paper Back

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