Business Etiquette

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The first interview. Handling a difficult boss. The power of words. Networking. Small talk. Dressing for a cocktail dinner. Holding chopsticks. Drinking wine. Twitter etiquette. Sexual harassment in office. Remembering names. Receiving compliments. Women travelling alone. Thank you notes. The opportunities created by a fast-globalizing world have led to executives jet-setting across the globe wining and dining negotiating and networking for business. Indian executives who are brand ambassadors of both their company and their country too are making a mark on the global stage and increasingly find themselves in a number of situations where their people skills can make all the difference. This Hindi translation of Business Etiquette shows us the art of creating a positive impression through the ABC of good manners: Appearance Behaviour and Communication. Shital Kakkar Mehra one of India's best-known corporate etiquette trainers teaches us how to create our own brand dine with grace mingle with ease and conduct business keeping in mind racial gender and cultural diversities. It's a one-stop guide to side-stepping those embarrassing slip-ups and awkward gestures and sailing through the complexities of modern-day office life with ease.
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Mehra Shital Kakkar-agarwal Dheeraj Kumar
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