Chronicles Of The Lost Daughters

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Bestselling Bengali novel Narach

When unspeakable tragedy befalls Bhubonmoni a young widow she must leave her village along with her brother Krishnoshundor and his family. Ensnared by the wily entrepreneur Nobokishore Dutta they end up in an overcrowded depot near a port soon to be packed into a ship sailing to Surinam where they will be sold as sugarcane plantation slaves. But Fate has other plans. Bhubonmoni finds herself being led away from the port and her family to be stowed away in a secret location in Calcutta. Not too far away a young rebel Shourendro is swept up by the ideas of the Brahmo Samaj. Meanwhile in Metiabruz a shy musician Chondronath impresses the exiled Nawab of Lucknow with his art. None of them know it yet but the stars are aligning despite overwhelming odds for them to meet under curious circumstances...Set against the vibrant background of late nineteenth-century Bengal Debarati Mukhopadhyay's beautifully woven novel brings together the glory and the decadence of colonial times. Fast-paced and thrilling with a lively cast of characters including historical figures such as Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Rabindranath Tagore and Dr Kadambini Ganguly Chronicles of the Lost Daughters is an unforgettable saga

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Mukhopadhyay Debarati-sinha Arunava
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