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ChrysalidsPenguin Modern Classics9780141181479
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A powerful postapocalyptic allegory of persecution and intolerance the Penguin Modern Classics edition of John Wyndhams science fiction masterpiece The Day of the Triffids contains an introduction by M. John Harrison. Nuclear war has devastated the world bringing with it a host of genetic mutations. In the bleak primitive society that has emerged from its ruins any sign of deviation no matter how small is ruthlessly rooted out and destroyed. David lives in fear of discovery for he is part of a secret group of children who are able to communicate with each other by transferring thoughtshapes into each others minds. As they grow older they feel increasingly isolated. Then one of them marries a norm with terrifying consequences. John Wyndham 19031969 the son of a barrister tried a number of careers including farming law commercial art and advertising before writing short stories intended for sale in 1925. After serving in the Civil Service and the Army during the Second World War he decided to try writing a modified form of Science Fiction which he called logical fantasy. Among his most famous books are The Day of the Triffids 1951 The Kraken Wakes 1953 The Chrysalids 1955 The Midwich Cuckoos 1957 filmed twice as Village of the Damned Trouble with Lichen 1960 and Chocky 1968. If you enjoyed The Chrysalids you might like Arthur Millers The Crucible also available in Penguin Modern Classics. One of those few authors whose compulsive readability is a compliment to the intelligence Spectator
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