Complete Financial History Of Berkshire Hathaway

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Complete Financial History Of Berkshire HathawayHARPER BUSINESS INDI9789354893889
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The first comprehensive and detailed financial history of Berkshire Hathaway in one book in chronological format.

For the first time the complete financial history of Berkshire Hathaway is available under one cover in chronological format. Beginning at the origins of the predecessor companies in the textile industry the reader can examine the development of the modern-day conglomerate year-by-year and decade-by-decade watching as the struggling textile company morphs into what it has become today.

This comprehensive analysis distils over 10000 pages of research material including Buffett's Chairman's letters Berkshire Hathaway Annual Reports and SEC filings annual meeting transcripts subsidiary financials and more. The analysis of each year is supplemented with Buffett's own commentary where relevant and examines all important acquisitions investments and other capital allocation decisions.

The appendices contain balance sheets income statements statements of cash flows and key ratios dating back to the 1930s-materials brought together for the first time. The structure of the book allows the new student to follow the logic reasoning and capital allocation decisions made by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger from the very beginning. Existing Berkshire shareholders and long-time observers will find new information and refreshing analysis and a convenient reference guide to the decades of financial moves that built the modern-day respected enterprise that is Berkshire Hathaway.

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