Gray Mountain

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The Recession drove people jobless. One woman uses her temporary job to go snooping into the dark world of coal mining, in Gray Mountain, a new novel from legal thriller mastermind, John Grisham.

In a day, 2008 changed the fortunes of billions of people across the Earth. Samantha Kofer was one of them. Her fast track job on Wall Street had veered to a stop, and she had nothing to grab on except for a payless opportunity to work at a legal aid clinic. At the end of a year, there was a small chance shed get her old job back, a really small chance. From the grand metropolis of Manhattan, her new job takes her to Brady, Virginia, set in the heart of a place shed only read about: the Appalachia. Here, she works under Mattie Wyatt, who has lived here his entire life and heads the legal aid clinic. He teaches her about helping people with real problems. Samanthas new job teaches her how to prepare an actual lawsuit, face a real courtroom, take a judges scoldings head on and receive threats from townsfolk who are displeased about having an urban lawyer in their town. Her work is pretty much cut out for her, but theres one problem: Brady has a secret. This town is neck deep in the murky world of coal mining, and there is no law that the mining operations recognize. Samantha didnt expect that here, shed find herself at the head of the biggest litigations in recent times.
Grisham John
Hodder And Stoughton
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