How To Write A Romance

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A unique beautifully designed journal filled with helpful tips and invaluable advice vital for every aspiring romance novelist—and every romance fan For romance writers and readers alike How to Write a Romance is a sleek inventive journal that will inspire you to create love stories that stir the heart tease the imagination and touch the soul. Inside this handy diary you’ll find an introduction and tip sheet compiled by the editors of Avon Books the premiere romance publisher. Sharing their wisdom and expertise the Avon Romance editors guide you through the basic construction of a romance novel and highlight the most common pitfalls to avoid. The pages that follow include 180 prompts touching on every aspect of romance writing dialogue character development scene description situational entries and more. Exercise your imagination and skill with such challenges as Describe your heroine without her having to look in the mirror. Make a list of 510 of your hero’s characteristics—be sure to include both good and bad qualities to help clarify how he will react in different situations. Write a scene between two female characters discussing something unrelated to the hero. Write a meet cute in a library. In addition renowned bestselling Avon authors such as Eloisa James Beverly Jenkins Lisa Kleypas Julia Quinn Sarah MacLean Jennifer Ryan Lori Wilde and more share their own insights and offer words of encouragement sprinkled throughout the journal in handlettered text. A beautiful keepsake and practical tool that embodies the essence of romance fiction How to Write a Romance will enflame your passionate and creative spirit
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