In A Kingdom By The Sea

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In A Kingdom By The SeaHarperCollins9780008245191
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A haunting story of family ties and wartime secrets The house opposite the church overlooking the Cornish coast is home to three generations of Tremains. Fred Tremain the country doctor who built the house for his wife Martha and for whose sake he became estranged from his family Anna the difficult determined older child now a highly successful lawyer Barnaby the easygoing second child now a vicar to the parish and the beloved granddaughter Lucy. A safe haven for a loving family especially now that Fred and Martha are growing old the house and cottage are also the keeper of secrets solemn and tragic. That is until the day Lucy discovers a hidden cache of papers that brings to light the first of many longhidden mysteries. As each layer is unwrapped and each secret laid bare the family is forced to confront its past to question the price paid for the upheavals caused by violence wars and prejudice and ultimately to unlock the path to new relationships and new loves.
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