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In Inside Nepal Jeevnathan head of the Eastern Service Bureau (ESB) of India's external intelligence agency has been charged by the Agency's headquarters with overseeing the closure of the Bureau. In the shadowy world of intelligence operations the line between right and wrong good and bad can often become blurred. Presented with the opportunity to redeem the Bureau Jeevnathan launches a series of audacious operations aimed at securing India's interests vis-a-vis Nepal. In The Walk-In Jeevnathan head of the Dhaka unit of India's external intelligence agency is taken completely by surprise when a young man walks boldly into his office and declares his intention of serving as a source for Jeevnathan. Espionage is a risky business and sources are recruited with great care to minimize the risk of exposure. Is he a mole? Yet he never pushs Jeevnathan for sensitive information. Is he in it for the money? Yet he has never demanded any. So who and what is he and why was he so keen on helping Jeevnathan? Soon to be a major motion picture by Vishal Bhardwaj this double-bill of pacey thrillers highlighting the exploits of India's intelligence agency will have your pulse racing.

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