Journey To The Throne

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One kingdom. Two brothers. A single throne.

One kingdom. Two brothers. A single throne.

Set in the early fourth century this is the story of two princes of the powerful ancient Indian kingdom of the Guptas...

Princes Rama and Chandra are the sons of Emperor Samudragupta. Often called the Napolean of India Samudragupta was both an invincible warrior and a faultless ruler - chivalrous disciplined and moralistic. While Prince Chandra is the ideal prince hardworking and able Prince Rama is the proverbial prodigal son who leans towards a life of luxury. Chandra is trapped in a web of deceit by his jealous elder brother and has to fight several life-and-death battles to the throne. It is a journey fraught with deceit intrigue and untold drama.

A universal story of sibling rivalry and a ringside view of the underside of royal life - the risks the uncertainty and the adversity.

Mahesh Vani
Harper Childrens
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