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? An anthology of fables for children and young people of the famous Novel Prize (1907) Rudyard Kipling, author of great works of world literature; a work revised and translated to offer you the BEST TITLES IN UNIVERSAL LITERATURE ? Acquire this book and enjoy the pleasure of reading ... Synopsis of the book: Rudyard Kipling was the first English-language writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize, in 1907. It is precisely like this, together with The Jungle Book and Kim (also published in this collection), three classics of children's literature are considered and youthful. The funny stories that make up this book, like fables, are the stories that Rudyard Kipling told his beloved daughter Josephine every night. Since its publication, generations of children have enjoyed listening to and reading these stories, as ingenious as they are unlikely, about the things that really interest the little ones - and not so little ones - of insatiable curiosity, such as why the leopard has spots. on the skin, or how the elephant's son's trunk came out and the dromedary's hump came out. Biography: Joseph Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) was a British writer and poet, author of great stories, children's stories, novels and poetry, such as The Jungle The Book (1894), the spy novel Kim (1901), the short story "The Man Who Would Be King" ("The Man Who Could Be King", 1888), many of which were made into a movie. He rejected several awards at the time but in 1907 he accepted and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, which made him the first British writer to receive this award, and the youngest Nobel Prize winner for Literature to date.
Kipling Rudyard

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