Louder Than Words

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Why is it that some people have all of the elements of success—education, skills, integrity, motivation—but cant seem to move from effectiveness to excellence in their careers? Finally, behavior expert Joe Navarro reveals the long-sought answer. Louder than words teaches how to master “Nonverbal intelligence,” The ability to read, interpret, and utilize Nonverbal signals in poker terms, “tells”—in the workplace to influence, persuade, and assess others in real time. Drawing on his decades of work in the behavior sciences, Navarro shows how to use his simple yet powerful “comfort/discomfort” model to decode Nonverbal behavior and gain crucial insights about whats really “being said” at meetings, interviews, negotiations, presentations, business meals, and more, including the casual yet critical water cooler exchanges that are the driving force of an organization. Following his advice, anyone can jumpstart their career as they discover how to: read body language to understand what others are thinking, feeling, or intending instantly detect Nonverbal cues of concern, disagreement, or doubt—even on the phone master the all-important first impression assess clients or interviewees while simultaneously influencing them recognize habits that send the wrong message, from nail biting to inappropriate attire—and what a persons posture, work practices, Workspace, accoutrements, and electronic habits say about them use settings, seating, and gestures strategically to inspire and captivate become culturally aware and gender-sensitive, from best a practices to personal space preferences.
Navarro Joe !poynter Toni Sciarra
Harper Business
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