Matrices And Linear Algebra

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Linear algebra is one of the central disciplines in mathematics. A student of pure mathematics must know linear algebra if he is to continue with modern algebra or functional analysis. Much of the mathematics now taught to engineers and physicists requires it. This wellknown and highly regarded text makes the subject accessible to undergraduates with little mathematical experience. Written mainly for students in physics engineering economics and other fields outside mathematics the book gives the theory of matrices and applications to systems of linear equations as well as many related topics such as determinants eigenvalues and differential equations. Table of Contents l. The Algebra of Matrices 2. Linear Equations 3. Vector Spaces 4. Determinants 5. Linear Transformations 6. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors 7. Inner Product Spaces 8. Applications to Differential Equations For the second edition the authors added several exercises in each chapter and a brand new section in Chapter 7. The exercises which are both truefalse and multiplechoice will enable the student to test his grasp of the definitions and theorems in the chapter. The new section in Chapter 7 illustrates the geometric content of Sylvesters Theorem by means of conic sections and quadric surfaces. 6 line drawings. lndex. Two prefaces. Answer section.
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