Monsieur Singhs Loves & Losses

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Monsieur Singhs Loves & LossesHarperCollins9789350297179
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Lust. Rejection. Infidelity. Monsieur Singh is a dude with an attitude. A free-thinking jazz-loving Sikh he escapes the drudgery of life in small-town India to live out his wildest fantasies. In the cafes and bars of Loire Valley he finds it all the finest wines the joys of jazz and blue-eyed blondes with beauteous behinds but Monsieur Singh can't be satisfied. He needs to figure out two things: how to make money and how to catch up on all the teen sex he Paper Backsed in India. As he drifts from woman to woman and job to job picking apples and delivering chicken performing jazz poetry and teaching English Monsieur Singh begins to wonder whether he will ever find what he is looking for and what in fact that is. Is marrying the lovely Louise the answer? Or will he continue to search for that elusive happy ending? A bitter-sweet tale of immigrant angst creative ambition and sexual lust this irreverent novel will leave you wanting more.
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