My First Book About Bugs

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Praise for Alton Ganskys The Incumbent ...will keep you guessing until the very end ... most impressive is the character of mayor Maddy Glenn ... I recommend The Incumbent to any lover of good mystery. Tim LaHaye Mayor Madison Glenn has worked hard to get where she is. Standing on the bring of a brilliant congressional career the last thing the colorful mayor of Santa Rita California needs is trouble. Enter Maddys cousin Catherine Anderson a beautiful young actress newly returned to her hometown Santa Rita to take possession of her lavish new home and star in a local dinner theater production. And end the body of her chauffeur floating in the swimming pool. As Maddy is determined to protect Catherine from danger a revised script arrives at Catherines door with a disturbing new dialog that suggests someone is watching Catherines every move ... and waiting to make her part in the script turn deadly.
Wynne Patricia
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