Note By Note

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The story of India over the past seven decades has been one of development and social and political change which has often been forgotten pushed to the recesses of our memories. Ankur Seema and Sushant refresh those memories in Note by Note linking the events of each year to a significant film song. For in a country that has a song for every season every emotion nothing qualifies as much as the film song to be a metaphor for the nation.

The Hindi film song has uncannily encapsulated the sentiment of its era reflecting as well as forming the consciousness of the country's identity and mood. From the afsana the country was articulating in 'Afsana likh rahee hoon' even as Jawaharlal Nehru gave voice to India's tryst with destiny to the mood of socialist India in 'Awara hoon' to the political and social unrest of the 1970s as reflected in 'Zindagi kaisi yeh paheli hai' to the dreams of a new and young India it is all here.

A tribute to India and the exceptional republic that it has been Note by Note captures the rhythm of modern Indian history -- to the beat of popular film music.
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