Petpost Secret

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'Panchatantra meets Harry Potter. Radhika will certainly go far.' - APaper Backh Tripathi

'Could well go on to become the next thing for children's fantasy made in India' - The Telegraph

'A wonderful work of imagination! It is only fair you include this book to your must-read list this season' - The Times of India

It all started with a silly little wedding invitation. A wedding he shouldn't have been invited to. A prophecy he shouldn't have heard. And some forbidden wine. And before he knew it young Squirrel was off on a quest. And what a quest it was turning out to be! From the land of Bimmau to the walled city of bees from the fireless mice tea estate to the treacherous desert and all the while fleeing the savage Kowa army and outsmarting the vicious Colonel. It was a good thing Squirrel had made some new friends ... because he was sure going to need them! Much like Watership Down and Harry Potter The PetPost Secret is one of those books that will quietly transit from schoolbag to bedside table to that shelf of cherished classics.
Dhariwal Radhika r.
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