Prison And Chocolate Cake

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Prison And Chocolate CakeHarper Perennial9788172236892
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Seldom does one get a chance to become acquainted with Indias great leaders through a young woman so intimately associated with them.New York Times Book ReviewA dramatic portrait of the spirit of sacrifice that carried India through the years of the struggle for independence this evocative memoir of an unusual childhood ends with the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in 1948.Nayantara Sahgal describes what it was like growing up in Anand Bhavan Allahabad the home of her parents shared with her maternal uncle Jawarlal Nehru during the years when Gandhi was leading the movement for independence. It describes in loving detail the lives of a family for whom the countrys fight for freedom was more important than anything else certainly coming before comfort and riches.The book is particularly delightful for its picture of Nehru who springs from these pages as a man of friendly humanity and a joy in life that made him a beloved uncle yet with an inborn greatness that inspired awe and admiration in the little girl who played with him.She is brilliant...complex and questioning. Pearl S. Buck
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