Quantum Self

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Quantum SelfWilliam Morrow9780688107369
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In The Quantum Self Danah Zohar argues that the insights of modem physics can illuminate our understanding of everyday life our relationships to ourselves to others and to the world at large. Guiding us through the strange and fascinating workings of the subatomic realm to create a new model of human consciousness the author addresses enduring philosophical questions. Does the new physics provide a basis by which our consciousness might continue beyond death How does the material world for instance ugly inner cities impinge upon our sense of self Is there a subatomic wellspring from which our creativity our empathy with others and our feelings of unity with the inanimate world originate Most important Zohar shows how the vitality of the new physics combats the alienation and fragmentation of twentiethcentury life and replaces it with a model of reality in which the universe itself may possess a type of consciousness of which human consciousness is one expression.
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