The Bikini Murders

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The Bikini MurdersHARPER INDIA9789351160465
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Who is Johnson Thhat? And how has he managed to escape justice for so long even when in jail?

In a Kathmandu casino retired Inspector Pradhan nabs the notorious serial-killer who has eluded him for twenty-five years. But did Pradhan just get lucky or is there a larger plan at work? Why would Thhat risk coming to Nepal though he is still wanted there for an American girl's murder? What is the message he now desperately wants to get across to the American government?

Pradhan tries to piece the puzzle together from what Thhat tells him - and leaves out. About the beginning of his career in crime as a teenager in France; the search for his Indian father; being drawn into the world of diamond smuggling; his 'chePaper Backtry' with his accomplice the ravishing Ravina together with whom he drugged robbed and killed tourists in Thailand and India before being caught and sent to Tihar.

Did Thhat mastermind his own long imprisonment? Is he behind an international double-cross involving the Taliban his prison connections with Pakistani terrorists and the CIA?

Has Thhat finally been made to pay for his crimes - or is he just playing the biggest con of his life?
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Dhondy Farrukh
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