The Book Smugglers Of Timbuktu

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The Book Smugglers Of TimbuktuWilliam Collins9780008126650
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Two tales of a city The historical race to reach one of the worlds most mythologized places and the story of how a contemporary band of archivists and librarians fighting to save its ancient manuscripts from destruction at the hands of al Qaeda added another layer to the legend. To Westerners the name Timbuktu long conjured a tantalising paradise an African El Dorado where even the slaves wore gold. Beginning in the late eighteenth century a series of explorers gripped by the fever for discovery tried repeatedly to reach the fabled city. But one expedition after another went disastrously awry succumbing to attack the climate and disease. Timbuktu was rich in another way too. A medieval centre of learning it was home to tens of thousands of ancient manuscripts on subjects ranging from religion to poetry law to history pharmacology and astronomy. When alQaedalinked jihadists surged across Mali in 2012 threatening the existence of these precious documents a remarkable thing happened a team of librarians and archivists joined forces to spirit the manuscripts into hiding. Relying on extensive research and firsthand reporting Charlie English expertly twines these two suspenseful strands into a fascinating account of one of the planets extraordinary places and the myths from which it has become inseparable
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Charlie English
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