The Design Thinking Playbook

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In the year 2020 the world stopped and we were forced to do a quarantine that became a nightmare. We are already in 2022 and we are still counting the losses. Much of the neglect of the Brazilian governments management with education and science is already beginning to be forgotten. During the year 2020 I was reading and writing an analysis diary of the work “A vida de Galileo” by German author Bertolt Brecht for my second doctoral thesis in the area of literary theory at UNICAMP. The pandemic crisis invaded my reading analyzes of the work that are recorded in the diary I wrote in 1 year when we were wondering if we would have vaccines against COVID19. The written diary served as the basis for the autoethnographic analysis of the thesis in literary theory of criticism of science and the life of scientists. The decision to publish the diary as a book has the same objective of making the noise of the flight of bats as in the short story “The companions a blurry story” by the writer Caio Fernando Abreu. Abreus tale is about a group of fellow political activists who gather in a house and remain completely silent. The only sounds that reach us readers are that of an analytical narrator present who tries to speak for each of those characters who cannot tell their stories the other sound that all the characters can hear is that produced by the wings of bats that fly outside the house all the time breaking the silence and disturbing that group of people. This leads us to think that the idea of publishing the diary is to encourage our bats to be very noisy and not to silence the memories. Here we present a bilingual version of the diary PortugueseEnglish. Portuguese version httpsdoi.org10.5281zenodo.6653200
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Michael Lewrick