The Indus Intercept

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The Indus InterceptHARPER INDIA9789350293522
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A sharply plotted espionage thriller Balochistan 2003: a drama of insurgency and international intrigue unfolds in Pakistan's dust bowl province. At the centre of it is the Mir a militant Baloch separatist driven as much by the need to seek revenge as he is by his ardour for a free homeland. He leads a life in the shadows eluding the ISI as he flirts with the CIA and RAW. In the midst of this intrigue American soldiers on the Af-Pak border discover a mysterious note written in the ancient Indus Valley script. The CIA tasks Alejo Covas a deep cover agent living in Quetta with deciphering its significance. His investigations lead him to the ancient archaeological site of Mehrgarh where he meets Adiva an American-born Pakistani woman researching Baloch folklore. They are soon caught up in a chain of events that are unleashed by the Mir who is planning his boldest strike yet - one that could set South Asia ablaze. As Alejo races to avert a catastrophic war political expediency intrudes on morality deception lurks at every step and love and betrayal go hand-in-hand.
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