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Trial TheVintage Classics - Adult9780099428640
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On the day after his thirtieth birthday Josef K a bank teller is arrested by two mysterious agents of an unspecified organization. Confused and shocked Josef inquires about the crime he is being accused of but the agents will not answer leaving Josef to decide what he feels most guilty for. Though he is not imprisoned Josef is told to await further instructions. Tortured by the unknown Josef returns to his home and tries to guess what he could be charged for. His landlady Frau Grubach feels amicably about Josef despite the arrest and wishes to help. She speculates that he is likely being punished for his promiscuous behavior involving one of his neighbors. Josef is unable to confirm this but he does go to his neighbor Fraulien for comfort. While she does accept his affection and kiss at first Fraulien later rejects Josefs advances. When he returns home he is given unclear instructions for his court appearance. With an address but not a specific report time Josef arrives late to his trial angering the assembly. When Josef vents his frustrations about the absurdity of the trial he upsets the court even more. Still unclear on the charges he faces and the possible punishment Josef feels the weight of guilt and the immeasurable high stakes as the trial proceeds. While he is thrown in a whirlwind of chaos and uncertainty Josef pleas his innocence as he still investigates what crime he is being tried for. Through brilliant symbolism and excellent characterization The Trial by Franz Kafka is an intelligent and intriguing perspective on the innerworkings of the justice system told from the point of view of the guilty or accused. Published posthumously in 1925 The Trial has become one of Franz Kafkas most popular works and has been adapted for film radio and theater. With several interpretations and possible meanings Franz Kafkas The Trial provides a thrilling and thoughtprovoking reading experience for contemporary audiences. This edition of The Trial by Franz Kafka is accessible for modern readers with features such as its new striking cover design and the stylish readable font it is printed in.
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Vintage Classics - Adult