Walking Grandma Home

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This picture book from a child psychologist and counselor uses a touching and relatable story about a young boy’s grief to help children 48 understand what it means to lose a loved one and how to process their own emotions of fear grief and joyful remembrance. When Grandma tells Lee she will soon be “going home” Lee is confused. Isn’t Grandma already home But as Grandma’s health gets worse and her death approaches Lee learns what it means to “walk Grandma home” to heaven while also reflecting on his good memories and dealing with his grief alongside his extended family. Walking Grandma Home Presents a child’s perspective on losing a loved one that young readers can relate to Is ideal for kids who have recently experienced a loved one’s death or are learning about grief for the first time as well as for children with aging grandparents and family and friends experiencing loss Equips parents and caregivers to process a child’s emotions in a healthy and loving way Has a page of questions and activities to help children process their own grief and allow caregivers to personalize the story to the child’s experience Features text from counselor and author Nancy Bo Flood and beautiful illustrations by Ellen Shi
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Nancy Flood
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