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WellmaniaHodder And Stoughton9781399718271
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NOW A MAJOR NETFLIX SERIES STARRING CELESTE BARBER MISADVENTURES IN THE SEARCH FOR WELLNESS When journalist and human tornado Brigid wakes up to yet another hangover, chronic anxiety and the reality that she is fast approaching 40, she is forced to rethink her 'live fast die young' attitude. Cold-pressed juices, hot yoga, veganism, Paleo, mindfulness ... if you embrace these things you will be happy, you will be well - just ask Instagram, right?. But what does wellness even mean? Does any of this stuff actually work? Throwing herself body-first into a wellness journey, Brigid decides to find out. Starting with a brutal 101-day fast, Brigid tests the things that are meant to make us well - detoxes, colonics, meditation, Balinese healing, silent retreats and group psychotherapy, and sorts through what works and what is just expensive hype. She asks: what does this obsession say about us? Is wellness possible, or even desirable? Where's the fun in it all? And why do you smell so bad when you haven't eaten in seven days? Trying everything from the benign to the bizarre in an attempt to reclaim her old life, Brigid discovers that perhaps if we could only look beyond ourselves we might just find the answer.
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Delaney Brigid
Hodder And Stoughton
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