You Will Be Okay

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You Will Be Okay: Embracing Social Distancingoffers a step-by-step process to help you dismiss the irrelevance of that which bothers you, enabling you to build a stronger inner dialogue and integrate with a more liberated journey while going forth. This very engaging book will open a world of happiness and peace for you by guiding you through a powerful, affirmative questioning technique that draws on far greater wisdom than what you may be aware of.

With over two decades of experience as a hugely successful therapist and Olympic mind coach, the author, Radhika Kawlra Singh, stimulates a deliberate momentum that makes each person expand on love-from self-love to love for others-thereby, creating an inescapable space of personal introspection.

You, the reader, will be compelled to face your inner landscape, making corrections to innumerable perceptions of self-doubt, misrepresentation, immorality and several unchartered mental patterns. This process initiates ground-breaking self-realisation-the good and bad outside of you is the same as that which is lurking inside you. With persistent use, you will assemble uncommon revelations and endless possibilities of discovering a heightened level of good in others as well as within yourself!

Radhika Kawlra Singh
Bloomsbury India

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